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Teams of 2 to 6 players are locked in a room, and will have to work together in order to solve puzzles, decode cyphers, and find secret passages in order to escape within the 60 minute time limit. At Escape Artists, we strive to provide each player the most immersive Escape Game experience possible. Can you earn your escape, and the title of Escape Artists?  

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"Holy cow! Just played without a doubt the best game in the Orlando market! Check out Escape Artists! Cat Burglar is great, but Horror Motel is the best thing in town!"

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Rest Easy Motel

Some strange disappearances have taken place at the Rest Easy Motel. Everyone suspects the manager but no proof or motive has ever been found.

Can you solve the mystery; find the proof of who is responsible for the disappearances and escape before the manager returns? You will have 60 minutes...

Escape Rate
Difficulty Level
60 mins

Cat Burglar

You and your team are the best cat burglars in the world. You will need to penetrate a billionaire's mansion, steal his offshore bank account codes, and escape with the codes AND your life. Mr. Bestunkovich is not known for taking prisoners, so if you are caught, you may not live to tell about it. If you succeed, the reward will be worth the risk.

Escape Rate
Difficulty Level
60 mins

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